This Handbook is intended to provide employees with a general understanding of the personnel policies of the City of Clinton.

Handbook Interpretation

This Handbook is not intended to create a contract of employment nor any other type of contract. Likewise, this Handbook is not intended to create contractual rights on the part of any employee.

The information in this Handbook should be helpful in familiarizing employees with the City. This Handbook, however, cannot anticipate every situation nor answer every question about employment. Therefore, the City reserves the right to unilaterally change, amend, revise or delete the provisions contained herein, including policies and procedures when deemed necessary. The City of Clinton must demonstrate flexibility in the administration of policies and procedures.

On the following pages, we have tried to cover items you’ll want to know concerning employment, pay, working hours, vacations, safety, working environment, promotions, transfers, etc. While these statements are based on City policy, they do not represent the entire policy. For additional information, speak to your supervisor.

Your Supervisor

Your supervisor is well qualified by experience and training for his/her responsible position. It is your supervisors’ job to lead the team, of which you are a part, so that it will contribute to a smooth and successful City operation. To have close harmony with other department/operations of the City, your supervisor has to plan and direct work to meet certain schedules and standards. With your help and cooperation these goals can be met.

Your supervisor is responsible to see that you are apprised fairly and paid properly for the work you do, to help you grow and develop in your line of work, to keep you informed of our policies and activities, and to make sure that any problem you bring forth receives fair consideration. To make it possible for your supervisor to fulfill these responsibilities to you, you need to make sure your interest, problems, or concerns are known. Make sure you keep your supervisor informed.

Helpful Numbers

  • City Hall: 580-323-0217
  • Chamber of Commerce: 580-323-2222
  • Frisco Conference Center: 580-323-7874
  • Utilities: 580-323-0217
  • Public Works: 580-323-1678
  • Police: 580-323-2323
  • Fire: 580-323-2298