Job Performance Evaluation

Job Performance Evaluation

A. PURPOSE: The purpose of the evaluation system is to provide a comprehensive method by which all employees may be evaluated on their individual performance as it is related to their position.

1. Upon completion of probationary periods.
2. Thereafter, each twelve months from original full time hire date.
3. Six (6) (or twelve months for Police and Fire) months after receiving a promotion or demotion.

C. EVALUATION PROCEDURE: The month prior to the employee anniversary date, the Personnel Director will forward the appropriate evaluation report forms for each employee to be evaluated to the Department Head.

  • The Department Head will forward the evaluation form to the employees’ supervisor.
  • The Supervisor will evaluate the employee.
  • The Supervisor will then conduct a private discussion with the employee on the evaluation.
  • Upon completion of the employee-supervisor meeting, each party shall make written comments, sign and date the completed evaluation form.
  • The Supervisor will transfer the completed evaluation form to the Department Head who will review it.
  • The Department Head may request additional information be presented by the Supervisor.
  • The Department Head may not change any part of the evaluation or overall rating, but may make comments and initial his comments.
  • The evaluation shall then be forwarded to the City Manager for review and comments.
  • The evaluation report should be submitted to the Personnel Director one (1) week prior to the scheduled effective date for payroll adjustments.

The evaluation report is to be completed in triplicate and distributed as follows:
1. Original: Personnel Director
2. Yellow Copy: Department Files, if needed
3. Pink Copy: Employee
All wage adjustments or increases will be subject to approval by the City Manager.

D. APPEAL PROCEDURE: Since an employees performance report may influence many vital personnel decisions affecting him/her, it is important that he/she have the right to an impartial appeal, if requested. The appeal procedure to be utilized is the process set forth in the City Charter and Employee Handbook.

Helpful Numbers

  • City Hall: 580-323-0217
  • Chamber of Commerce: 580-323-2222
  • Frisco Conference Center: 580-323-7874
  • Utilities: 580-323-0217
  • Public Works: 580-323-1678
  • Police: 580-323-2323
  • Fire: 580-323-2298