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Patrol Officer

Status:  Open
Salary/Pay Range:  starting at $32,343 (or higher depending on Education & Certification)

Position Title: Patrol Officer                                                                            Supervisor: Police Sergeant
Department: Police Department                                                                      Work Site:  401 Gary Blvd.

Statement of Position Description: Protect and serve the citizens and their property

Hours/Schedule of Work: 8 hr/day, 5 day/wk Rotating Shift                        

Overtime Exempt:  ( ) Yes   (X) No 

Position Function(s):  With supervision, execute orders of his superiors, enforce the laws of Oklahoma and the City of Clinton

=============Position Duties and Responsibilities===============

  1. Respond to calls for police services 
  2. Engage in preventative police patrol 
  3. Engage in Community Policing Activities
  4. Enforce laws of Oklahoma and Ordinances of the City of Clinton 
  5. Ensure that Jail duties are performed 
  6. Write reports and testify in court 
  7. Training  

=============Required Qualifications=====================

1.  Between 21 and 45 yrs of age                                  2.  High school diploma or GED                                

3.  No felony convictions                                              4.  Complete police pension physical requirements             

5. Pass MMPI 2 examination                                        6.  Valid Ok drivers license w/good driving record

7.  Complete basic police school                                   8.  Pass intensive background investigate.

9.  US citizen (City Attorney has under advisement)    10. Good communication skills 

==============Preferred Qualifications======================

 1.  No police record                                                                                  2.  High moral standards                

 3.  Confidentiality                                                                                    4.  Highly motivated

 5.  Basic computer skills                                                                                    

==============Required Skills For Job Retention===============

  1. Certification
  2. Timely completion of task
  3. Good report writing
  4. Effective and Good communication
  5. Ability to work under stress
  6. Effective enforcement of the laws/ordinances
  7. Technical expertise
  8. Effective public relations skills