Promotion and Change of Status Policy

Promotion and Change of Status Policy

A. PROCEDURE GUIDELINES: In the selection of employees for open positions, the following qualifications will be considered:
1. Skills, abilities, and past performance.
2. Disciplinary record.
3. Attendance record.
4. Length of service with City.

When an employee is promoted to a higher rated job, with a higher wage schedule, unless specifically authorized, the entrance rate shall be the lowest step in the higher salary schedule that will provide an increase over the rate received immediately prior to such promotion. In all cases, assigned salaries shall conform to the current salary schedule for the position.

B. TEMPORARY ASSIGNMENTS TO HIGHER OR LOWER JOB GRADES: In cases where an employee is assigned to work in a job with a higher salary for a period of no less than two (2) consecutive work days, the employee shall receive the higher rate of pay.
In cases where an employee is temporarily assigned to work in a position in the same or a lower grade job, the employees rate of pay will not be changed.
All such salaries shall conform to the current compensation plan. All such changes shall be approved by the City Manager prior to implementation.

C. EMPLOYEE CHANGE OF STATUS: A memo, stating a change of status, will be filed on employees for the purpose of keeping personnel and payroll records current when any of the following events occur:
1. Employee is hired.
2. Change in employees rate of pay.
3. Employee is laid off, discharged or quits.
4. Employee who has been laid off is reinstated.
5. Employee goes on active duty with U.S. Armed Services.
6. Upon return from U.S. Armed Services.
7. Employee completes the probationary period.

D. CONTINUOUS SERVICE - EMPLOYEE ANNIVERSARY DATE: The following policy and definitions are set forth to assure consistency in the employees continuous service record and uniformity of practice in the City’s personnel administration.
Anniversary Date - Date employee receives permanent, full-time employment status.
Adjusted Anniversary Date - Changing of the employment date by the number of days the employee has lost from their continuous service record, promotion, reclassification of position.
Continuous Service - Total length of time an employee has been on the City payroll as a full time employee.

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