Use of City Motor Vehicle & Travel Policy

Use of MOtor Vehicle & Travel Policy

The use of a City-owned vehicle by an employee for personal family use is strictly prohibited, except where otherwise specified by the City Council. It is the responsibility of the employee to assure that the vehicle is used for City business only. All employees who drive a City-owned vehicle must have a valid Oklahoma driver’s license which must be personally on or accompanying the person when driving such vehicle.
A few City employees may take home a city vehicle because they are on call. No one who lives outside the city limits may take a city vehicle home without the express approval of the city manager.
An employee who normally takes a city vehicle home, may not leave that vehicle at their home while they are on vacation. The vehicle will be left at the appropriate shop or yard. If you do not have a shop or yard, then the vehicle will be delivered to the street department yard, with the keys turned over to the street department to be kept at their office. In this way, if your vehicle is needed for any reason, it will be available. It is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements prior to departure. (8-00)
Should the employee have an accident with a City-owned vehicle, he/she shall first notify the Police Department and then his/her immediate Supervisor. The Department Head shall notify the City Managers office. All traffic violations incurred by the employee while driving a City-owned vehicle are the personal responsibility of the employee. All such violations shall be reported to the Department Head.
Alcoholic beverages and other narcotics are prohibited in City vehicles at all times.
The City will obey all Internal Revenue Service rules applicable to employees use of City owned vehicles. The City shall determine the value of an assigned vehicle and shall deduct at the appropriate rate the necessary amounts to cover the value of the vehicle.
Travel Policy
Approved by the City Council 5-97
Travel Policies and Procedures
Employees are entitled to claim reimbursement for certain expenses incurred while in a travel status on official business assignments. Entitlement and allowances are limited to those stipulated by action of the City Council, as administered by the City Manager. These conditions must be observed for all official travel performed by City personnel.
1.The City Council has full responsibility and power to adopt all policies and procedures necessary to administer official travel performed by City personnel.
2.All overnight travel must be approved by the City Manager or his/her specifically authorized designee. Unusual travel circumstances not covered in these policies and procedures may be submitted to the City Manager, for special consideration and approval, however, such approval shall not be construed to establish a permanent practice unless so adopted by the City Council.
3.Requests for non-emergency in-state and out-of-state travel must be submitted for approval on a Travel Request form (Form A) at least two weeks before the travel is to commence, unless such travel is for Council members who shall be exempt from this procedure.
4.Reimbursement for travel is limited to that amount actually incurred, using the most direct and usually traveled route, and utilizes the method of transportation which is in the best interest of the City. When travel is performed by privately owned vehicles, only the vehicles owner will be entitled to submit a claim for reimbursement of transportation expense.
5.City Personnel operating City or privately owned vehicles for official travel must have a valid drivers license. In addition, liability insurance, that complies with the minimum requirements of Oklahoma statue, must be carried by City personnel using privately owned vehicles for official travel. A current certification from the insurance company showing proof of coverage must be on file before travel commences.
6.Claims for travel reimbursement must be submitted on a Travel Report Form (Form B) to the City Manager for payment.
Employees authorized to fuel city vehicles are issued a (5) digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be used with the city’s Fuelman Fleet Cards. The city’s policies regarding the use of your PIN and the employee’s responsibilities are as followed:
The PIN identifies the employee by name and is listed on a weekly fuel report, each employee must understand that they are held accountable for all transactions made using their PIN, therefore employees should not share their PIN with anyone. If the employee believes someone else gained knowledge of their PIN, they are to immediately notify their supervisor and/or the Finance Office personnel.
All employees must understand the Fuelman Fleet Cards are NOT to be used for personal vehicles or non-business purposes. Using the fuelman Fleet card for any purpose other than official business will be considered theft of City Property.
All employees must understand that each time they use the Fuelman Fleet Card, they are required to completely fill the vehicle’s fuel tank and enter an accurate odometer reading. This will allow the city to monitor fuel usage and track required maintenance intervals.
All employee must understand that each Fuelman Fleet Card is assigned to either an individual city vehicle or specific fueling purpose. (example; off road equipment fuel card). Each PIN card will work with any Fuelmal Fleet card located in all city vehicles. It is against city policy to swap or share cards between vehicles or to use any card for other than the intended purpose.
When attending a conference, all proper paperwork must be completed (Travel Form A and B) BEFORE your departure. Purchase Orders are to be used to reserve lodging and registration. (some hotels will not allow PO numbers to hold a reservation) At which time a city credit card may be used, however, the appropriate vendor information should be obtained for this and provided to the finance department. Only in “extreme” situations will lodging or registration be paid with a city credit card, and it must have the approval of the City Manager. All receipts should be turned in.
1. Allowance for Meals: the reimbursement of Lunch for out of town/all day training, must be Pre Approved by Dept. Head, employees are required to fill out the proper forms (Travel Request Form A and Form B) for the Finance Dept. the reimbursement for this meal must not exceed $12.00.
2. On overnight stays to be reimbursed for all meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) and/or for any other approved “out of pocket” expense, employees are required to fill out the proper forms for the Finance Dept. (Travel Request Form A and Form B) the reimbursement of all three meals must not exceed a grand total of $35.00 per day.
3. To reassure the reimbursement of funds, be advised Travel Request Form A and Form B must be completed and pre-approved by the Department Head prior to your departure.
For all local activities, all persons are expected to follow the above guidelines for authorized amounts.
Exceptions: Department Heads when attending State organizational meetings, i.e. Chiefs of Police Association, Public Works, Oklahoma Municipal League functions, etc., Council members when attending conferences, City Manager when attending conferences.
All City personnel are expected to use City vehicles over private vehicles, credit cards over cash advances. Private vehicle use and cash advances are often necessary, but the preferred policy is to use City owned vehicles and City issued credit cards.
III.Transportation Claims
1.City vehicles: Claims will be limited to reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenditures for such items as gas, oil, and minor repairs. Receipts must be furnished.
2.Private vehicles: City personnel properly authorized by the City Manager or designee, to use their privately owned vehicle for official travel are considered to be in a travel status for the purpose of mileage reimbursement. Reimbursement for this method of transportation is limited to a stated rate per mile traveled, no other transportation amounts or expenditures may be claimed.
3.Local transportation: Reimbursement of customary fares by local transportation such as taxi, or bus services may be claimed.
Travel expenses are defined under the general headings of per diem subsistence and transportation costs. Claims for reimbursement of travel expenditures actually incurred must be submitted accordingly.
I.Per diem subsistence expenditures include meals, lodging and other incidental costs, such as bus and/or taxi fare.
II.Transportation costs include carrier fares, mileage, allowances for the use of privately owned vehicles and communications costs.
a. Carrier fares are paid in full or as otherwise provided elsewhere in this manual
b. Mileage allowance for personal vehicle use will be that amount established by the City Council per the current IRS standard mileage rate, which is subject to change annually.
c. Communication expenditures actually incurred and necessary to the purposes of the travel engagement may be claimed for reimbursement.
I.Obtaining advances:
Advances will be approved upon presentation of a Travel Order (Exhibit A) signed by the City Manager. The following amounts may be advance on such requests: Per diem, private vehicle mileage, and all other estimated expenditures, when necessary.
II.Reimbursement of Travel Advances:
Upon return from a trip, the employee will complete a travel claim, showing the amount previously advanced. If the claim is greater than the advance a check will be drawn payable to the employee. If the claim is less than the advance, the employee will remit the difference at the time the claim is submitted.
III.Non Reimbursable Expenses
Employee is responsible for personal expenses such as: private telephone calls, movies, alcoholic beverages, additional cost for spouse, etc.

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